Spicy, tangy, and satisfying, these black bean and avocado tacos are the perfect dinner for the warmer months. Great for parties or big families, you can set out all the prepared ingredients and let everyone make their own. Our Crimson Kraut makes a beautiful and delicious garnish!





  1. Toss black beans in a bowl with olive oil and lime juice, and salt to taste.

  2. Place all garnishes on a plate or plates so you will be ready to assemble.

  3. Heat a skillet on the stove (cast iron works well) on medium high heat and wait until it is fully heated before placing corn tortilla. Toast for 1-2 minutes, or until it starts to brown / char slightly. Take the tortilla out of the skillet, and carefully bend until it creates a taco shape. As it cools it will hold the shape and it will be easier to fill. Repeat with all tortillas.

  4. Fill with beans, avocados and top with Crimson Kraut and any other desired toppings.

  5. Enjoy!