Cultured Hot Sauce
This bright, spicy sauce will add delicious heat and flavor to any meal. Made with ripened Jalapeños, Garlic and Sea Salt. Three ingredients, that's it! 100% Hosta Hill grown. 

Cultured Vegetables
The unique and bold flavors in our cultured vegetables develop slowly through wild fermentation, a natural preservation  process that ensures delicious results in every batch. Deep, bold flavors in 4 different varieties: Sauerkraut, Crimson Kraut, Gochu Curry Kraut and Kimchi.

All the antioxidants, nutrients and probiotic power of our krauts and kimchi in liquid form. Perfect for salad dressings, marinades, cocktails or that post-workout energy shot.


Seasonal Specials
We have various varieties available throughout the year. Here we get to experiment with limited edition runs outside our three main product lines. Seasonal varieties currently include, Garlic Scape Kraut, Ramp Kraut, Daikon Kimchi and cultured Mustard.